Is that Lanni Marchant holding a RUN TO BEER flag on the page header?

Yup. That's her. She's doing that. 

How long are the runs?

Generally we have 10k, 5k and 3k options for each run. The 10k runners start first and they run to where the 5k runners are assembled. Together, this larger group proceeds to where the 3k runners have gathered and shortly after that, everyone finishes together. At least six times a year we also provide a 15k option for those wanting to run a little longer.

Where do the runs start?

That depends where they end. We map backwards from our destination, with the goal of finding 3k, 5k and 10k starts that are easy for runners to get to. Sometimes the 10k will start at the venue we are ending at.

One of our stated goals is to introduce runners to different neighbourhoods. We try to mix it up.

What pace(s) do you run?

We try to accommodate all paces. The front has been known to go at 4:15/4:30 min/km, with the back at a more relaxed 6:30+ min/km, so there should be a place for your pace in the pack. Our pacers (we call them the “Fluid Crew”) spread out throughout the group, but their job is to guide runners rather than sticking to a particular pace. There are always sweepers at the very back to ensure no one is left behind.

What does it cost?

Nothing. The run and first beer will always be free. All we ask in return is that you are courteous to the staff at the venue and are generous in tagging those that have made the event possible on social media. These simple things make it so much easier for us to secure great beer and venues for future events.

When do you run?

Our regular runs take place on Sundays, however we also host the Mikkeller Running Club on the first Saturday of every month. In addition we organize a series of trail runs with Muskoka Brewery on Tuesday evenings once a month through spring/summer, and training runs for each local Canada Running Series race on Thursday evenings. On public holidays we head to Brewer’s Backyard, held at Evergreen Brickworks.

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What's your policy on assholes? 

No assholes allowed.

Can I just walk to beer?

Not really. We are a running series and as such organize things so that we can all finish together. This means that everyone gets to enjoy their beer at the same time. Unfortunately, if you’re walking, we can’t keep everyone waiting for you or guarantee your beer.

How do you pick your destinations?

We work closely with breweries, bars and beer reps to find places that serve the best craft beer Ontario has to offer. We don’t restrict ourselves to particular neighbours or venues.


How do you deal with traffic?

Carefully! RUN TO BEER is not a race. Our non-competitive nature means we stop and respect all traffic signals, while being considerate of pedestrians and cyclists on shared pathways.


Isn't it dangerous to drink and run?

It can be, so we don’t do that.  As the name suggests, we run TO beer.  It’s only when we arrive at our destination that we enjoy a cold one.


Have you ever thought about doing a Run to Wine? Or Whiskey?

It’s been proposed but as lovely as wine and whiskey can be, we just don’t find them to be quite so refreshing at the end of a run.


Can I run with you if I'm part of another running club or crew?

Absolutely! RUN TO BEER is a free, open running series. All runners are welcome, as long as they're respectful of everyone else.


If I'm not a member, can I still run with you?

You bet you can! Membership is not required to run with us. Our events are free and inclusive.

We do offer an Imperial membership with a whole load of extras for those that want more running and beer experiences, but that is not a requirement to join any of our runs.


If an event is full, can I still come for the run?

The number of spaces available for any given run is dictated by the venue to which we're heading. If an event is full you can still join for the run, but don’t be offended if there isn’t space inside the bar for you, or attempt to take the spot or beer of a registered runner.


I’ve heard of Run-TO-Xchange, what is that exactly?

Run-TO-Xchange is a separate Facebook group that we created to allow members of our community to share running, beer and non-beer related ideas, events and interests outside of regular RUN TO BEER activities. Join the group if that sounds like your kind of thing.


Can I post my event, product or service on your page?

If you have something you want to share with the RUN TO BEER community we ask that you to post it in Run-TO-Xchange.


Why do you mostly promote your events on Facebook?

Facebook is the most effective means to communicate with a large group of people. RUN TO BEER Facebook group members receive notifications each time we post events and updates.

We also post announcements about our upcoming events on Instagram and Twitter.

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Do you ever cancel events because of the weather?

Not yet and we never intend to.

RUN TO BEER started in miserable, winter conditions and we feel succumbing to foul weather betrays our Canadian origins. We run throughout the year.

If you’re not comfortable with the conditions we leave the decision as to whether you run or not up to you.


What is a beer mile? Is that something you do?

A beer mile involves drinking a beer then completing a lap of a 400 metre track. Four times. So that’s four beers and four laps in total.

We celebrate the anniversary of RUNTOBEER’s first run with a “Founder’s Classic” beer mile, March 2nd of each year.

Closer to Hallowe'en, we do a "Fear Mile" (costumes mandatory) for charity.

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runTObeer_Founders_Beermile_2017_01-01 (2017_08_31 13_29_27 UTC).png