Aside from the free runs we organize, one of the really cool services we offer is the beer handoff at races. If you've ever been a recipient you know what an amazing feeling it is to spot the "Howlers" cheer station near the finish line, then grab a cold one as our members frantically shout encouragement to give you that final kick.

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Several runners have told us the anticipation of collecting that beer is what kept them motivated to finish a race. We're awfully proud of that.

Here's where you come in. RunTOBeer now has a PayPal donation page (, so you can buy a runner a beer. Simply pick an amount and we'll earmark your contribution for the race fund, then recognize your generosity with a Tweet, Facebook post or Instagram story (please leave your social media handle in the "Add A Note" section of the PayPal page).

Every $5.00 you donate buys another runner a beer.

Your support is greatly appreciated

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