Since 2014, RunTOBeer has led thousands of runners to better beer experiences. It’s safe to say we’ve introduced more people to more craft beer than anyone in Canada in the past five years.

Thanks to our inclusive, non-competitive and free model, we’ve probably also done as much as anyone to make running approachable to someone who might be leery of lacing up for the first time.

We don’t just plan, map and lead runs, but also handle a ridiculous amount of correspondence, arrange discounts, coordinate road trips, facilitate beer hand-offs, order, organize & distribute merchandise, raise thousands of dollars for charity… all while keeping our events free.

That last bit – the part about it being free – that’s super important. We never want to exclude someone who’s between jobs. Being out of work is hard enough. RunTOBeer should always be a place where someone can take part in healthy activity, surrounded by friends, and enjoy a beer without feeling guilty about it.

If you care about what we’re doing and can afford a modest, regular investment, please consider becoming a regular patron. We have several levels with different rewards on our Patreon page (NOTE: PATREON CHARGES IN U.S. DOLLARS)

Have a look, decide what’s right for you and let us know if you have any questions.

And if you can’t afford to donate, come run with us anyway. We’ll get your beer.


Aside from the free runs we organize, one of the really cool services we offer is the beer handoff at races. If you've ever been a recipient you know what an amazing feeling it is to spot the "Howlers" cheer station near the finish line, then grab a cold one as our members frantically shout encouragement to give you that final kick.

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Several runners have told us the anticipation of collecting that beer is what kept them motivated to finish a race. We're awfully proud of that.

Here's where you come in. RunTOBeer now has a PayPal donation page (, so you can buy a runner a beer. Simply pick an amount and we'll earmark your contribution for the race fund, then recognize your generosity with a Tweet, Facebook post or Instagram story (please leave your social media handle in the "Add A Note" section of the PayPal page).

Every $5.00 you donate buys another runner a beer.

Your support is greatly appreciated

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