On Friday, March 2nd, RunTOBeer celebrates its 4th anniversary with the 3rd Annual Founders' Classic Beer Mile!

The Sundown Showdown is set for 6:08 p.m., when co-founders Tej Jordan Sandhu & Dan Grant compete in a head-to-head, belch-filled sprint for meaningless bragging rights. 

Following that, it's the open races, with prizes for top individual female, top individual male and top 2-person relay.

Spectators will be heartily welcomed and encouraged to cheer (and / or heckle) loudly.

Once all the laps are done, we'll pop over to 303 Lansdowne to reward the winners and celebrate.

Kingston Classic rules will be strictly enforced.

  1. Beer, then lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap (so 4 beer and 4 laps in total).

  2. All beer must be a minimum 5.0% ABV and in a sealed bottle or can no smaller than 355ml.

  3. Competitors must open their own beer, however you may have someone on the sidelines to pass you your unopened beverage.

  4. If you vomit PRIOR to finishing your fourth lap* you will be rewarded with a fifth lap**

  5. Beer must be consumed in a normal manner. Widemouth cans, shotgunning or other unconventional pours are forbidden.

* If you vomit FOLLOWING your fourth lap, that's just good strategy.
** If you vomit more than once, you are not obliged to do any extra laps beyond the fifth.

If you want to know more about why it's practically your duty as a Canadian resident to join us, I strongly suggest this rather brilliantly researched and composed piece in Get Out There Magazinehttp://www.getouttheremag.com/articles/4464/beer-mile-canadas-running-gift