The Imperial Membership

RUNTOBEER is free and will continue to be that way. The Imperial Membership however, offers a whole lot of extras for those who want more running and beer experiences.

This annual membership -- which becomes active for one year at the time you sign up -- is limited to 75 runners. The cost is $90.00 (or about one pint per month) and provides the following:

Front Of Line

First access to our events. So, for our smaller runs coming up (like to Left Field or MERIT), you'll have at least 24 hours advance access to the online registration form. For an event sponsored by Canada Running Series however, where we don't handle registration, there's no guarantee you'll have first access. Brewers' Backyard and Mikkeller Running Club events currently have no registration cap. This will mostly apply to our regular Sunday runs and Tuesday evening Venture Off The Beaten Path trail running series.

RunTOBeer Merch

A 10% discount on all RUNTOBEER branded technical and casual clothing & accessories.

Performance running hats, ball caps, technical and casual shirts are available now. 

performanceHats (2017_08_31 13_29_27 UTC).jpg


Race Roster Spring Run-Off


Access to the VIP lounge!

Thanks to Canada Running Series, Imperial members can relax before and after the 2018 Race Roster Spring Run-Off, while enjoying complimentary food & drink, bag storage and a portable toilet separate from the majority  of the runners!



5 Peaks

$10.00 discount on all 5 Peaks Trail Races in 2018.

The Ontario trail running race series features some of the nicest trails in the Greater Toronto Area including Rattlesnake Point



Tribe Fitness

10% off classes at Tribe Fitness, booked online or in-person.

Tribe provides run, yoga, and indoor cycling experiences, as well as leading wellness services and professional knowledge that promotes fun, within a healthy, active living environment.


Endurance Tap

20% orders of Endurance Tap, an all-natural, energy gel alternative containing only three ingredients: Canadian maple syrup, sea salt, and ginger.

Each pouch delivers 100 calories of the highest quality nutrition, making it the perfect solution for all endurance based sports.


Compression Gear

A 50% discount on all Champion CSX gear.

BONUS! Free delivery in Canada.




A 20% discount on Prud'homme Beer Certification - Level I, conducted by RunTOBeer Manager and Prud'homme Beer Sommelier, Dan Grant.  

This alone saves you nearly $75.00 (pretty much the entire cost of an Imperial membership) and includes 12 hours of in-class training, a course workbook, a flavour & colour wheel to assist with sensory evaluation, two tasting glasses, plenty of beer sampling and some food pairings

City Running Tours

One (1) free City Running Tours (Toronto) group run of your choosing, good anytime.

  • A further $5.00 discount on any City Running Tours (Toronto) run booked during the membership period (this can be combined with other promos).


3 black stickers (new logo).

3 white stickers (classic logo).

By purchasing a membership this year, you'll be guaranteed the opportunity to claim a 2019/20 membership at the same rate you're paying now.

2019 Price Freeze

Race Discounts

special events and offers as they become available.

Members Have Already Received

RUNTOBEER performance running hats

RUNTOBEER performance running hats

Members Have Won:


  • HopChow (2 tickets)
  • Appleseed Cider Festival (2 sets of 2 tickets)
  • Sessions Craft Beer Festival (4 tickets)
  • Toronto Craft Beer Festival (1 set of 2 tickets)
  • City Chase (2 sets of 2 race entry )
  • Lady Beer Fest (2 tickets)
  • The Toronto Colour Run (2 race entries)


Unfortunately all memberships have been sold. The earliest any will become available again is April 11th, 2018.   

The price for a 2018 memberships is $90.00.

If $90.00 is too much to put down all at once, you may also make two (2) payments of $45.00.  You won't be able to take advantage of any of the discounts until the full amount has been paid, but you will still get early access to RUNTOBEER events.

About the name

In the beer world, the term Imperial implies a bigger, stronger version of another style.   We're borrowing from that, not to imply that Imperial members have any elite status when it comes to our events -- there will be no Imperial badges or secret handshakes -- just the opportunity to participate in more beer and running events outside of regular RUNTOBEER activities. 

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