What is MERIThon?

A relay, from Toronto to MERIT Brewery (Hamilton), in support of Good Foot Delivery.

On Sunday, July 22nd, 2018, 55 runners competed in the first ever MERIThon, starting at Ontario Place and finishing 70 kilometres later, greeted by some of the best beer in the province.

Click on the map to see it in greater detail (launching in a new frame)

Click on the map to see it in greater detail (launching in a new frame)

The date for 2020 will likely be at the end of May 


Two-, four- or six-person teams, in women's, men's and mixed categories.

A mixed team is considered to be at least 50% female (but less than 100%)


$25 per runner, regardless of team size.

100% of proceeds went to Good Foot Delivery. In 2018 that meant a $1,425.00 donation, split between 57 registered entrants.


Nuun very generously provided six hydration stations along the route.




Members of all teams completing the entire 70k course received a hand-painted, wooden, finisher's medal.



1. HAMMER TOES - 04:58:21

Mike Anderson, Lauren Roberts, Kathleen Lawrence, Simon Chiu

MIXED FOUR CHAMPION: 4 x passes to the Famous Canadian Beer Run



Véronique Demers, Katie Sin, Katie Anderson, Charlie Needham, Vincent Lui, Julian Michetti-Wilson

MIXED SIX CHAMPION: 6 x $25.00 gift cards to BlackToe Running


3. KICK OR GET CHICKED - 5:18:03

Brianna Van Der Mark, Regan Harder, Emily Hass Ryan, Kerri Andreas

WOMEN'S FOUR CHAMPION: 4 x Oiselle hats, Lux gloves, stickers & tattoos

4. BEER FAST - 5:38:26

Kim Brown, Ryan Wehner

MIXED TWO CHAMPION: 2 x Run Gait & Functional Assessments from The Runner's Academy, as well as Endurance Tap 6-packs and t-shirts


Matthew Seguin, Ben Wong, Daniel B., Kate McDonnell, Valeska Mengert, Brian Craig

 6. HAMILTON HOMBRES - 5:48:05

Eric Ashby, Colin Cyr, Brad Kore

MEN'S FOUR CHAMPION: 4 x Ciele Hats (donated by Ciele, arranged through BlackToe Running)

7. BEER HACK - 5:54:40

Kali Budzinski, Andy Saito, Mikkeller Chris, Howard Lau


May Lu, Michael Perczyszyn


Mark St. Louis, Clarie Cram, Mick Bay, Heather Clark, Joel Bender, Yuriy Volanskyy

MEN'S SIX CHAMPION: 6 x $25.00 gift cards to BlackToe Running

10. BREWHERS - 6:32:45

Karolina Tomaszewska, Amy Tacon, Karen Connor, Michelle Holden, Sarah Hurowitz

WOMEN'S SIX CHAMPION: 6 x passes to a Society Of Beer Drinking Ladies "Bevy" 

11. PRETTY IN PINK - 6:40:17

Simone Ostrowski, Becky Beairsto, Julie Amoroso, Jennifer Keis, Allegra Sheppard, Joce Sherwood

12. MERIT x BLOCK 3 - 7:07:15 

Tej Sandhu, Jay Thompson, Kevin Freer, Amanda Pocha

13. DARKSIDE DUMMY - 7:29:54

James Stephenson

MEN'S TWO CHAMPION: Free entry to the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, courtesy of Canada Running Series.


Do I have to be a member of RunTOBeer to participate?

Heck no!


Can a team be entered with an uneven number of runners?

Sure! But if you're hoping to win prizes your team will be considered one member larger than the number you registered with (so a team of three will be considered a quartet... a really ambitious solo runner would compete against teams of two).


What comprises a mixed team?
A mixed team is at least 50% female (but less than 100%, obviously).


Does every team start at the same time?

Nope. Because MERIT would be somewhat uncomfortable with all the runners arriving so close together, we launch in different waves. 


How many exchange points are there?

As many as you like. We'll have hydration stations set up roughly ten kilometres apart from one another, but wherever you choose to hand off is up to you. You can have a team of six where each person does three equal legs. You could have a team of two where one runner does the first and last legs, with the other runner doing the entire middle section. Your relay strategy is entirely your choice.


If I don't have a team but want to join one, can you help with that?

Not really, but if you want to drop a post on the Facebook event page (when it opens), there will likely be someone looking for you to join their crew (it's like a polygamous match.com... uhh, for runners).


If I have a team but not enough members, can you help with that?

As above, feel free to post on the event page and watch for responses to start appearing in your notifications.

Who created the graphics?
Pretty sweet, right?

That would be Richard Kuchinsky (Directive Collective).

He also designed the artwork for the finishers medals.


What if it's really hot or stormy?

Runners are obliged to use their discretion. 2018's race was a very stormy one.

There are no refunds. If the weather is too extreme for your level of comfort please keep in mind your $25.00 goes to support a really great cause. 


How does payment work?

Ultimately, the captain is responsible for making sure payment arrives in a timely manner. More specific details will be provided once the 2019 date is announced.